African Inspired Home Interiors

One of the hottest trends in interior design today is that of African designs. The African look dwells a lot on earth and nature color schemes, fixtures and accents made of metal, and some tribal accents. This kind of home interior theme is gaining popularity mainly because it retains a cozy yet at the same time contemporary touch on home spaces, which can be adapted by both big and small homes.

Among the best African inspirations that you can apply on your home are:

1. Zebra-print covers. Zebra prints are very versatile thanks to their black and white stripes. They easily give a pop of color and pattern to any furniture without looking stodgy or out of place. They can be overwhelming to the eyes though, thus they are best used on pillow cases, foot stools and small rugs as they provide accent and not actual schematic designs.

2. Brass accessories. Brass accessories are becoming very popular in the home interior market these days. They are shiny, but not too glittery like gold or silver, and they are more affordable than other metal decors. Brass accents may take in the form of decorative jars and figurines that can be placed anywhere around the house.

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3. Brown overtones. Brown is one of the most popular colors of Africa, as it represents nature and earth. When applying an African inspiration to the home, you may want to use brown on the furniture (you may use wood furniture if you like), as well as the rugs and carpets. Varying shades of brown work well with white, black, green (except the neon shades) and as well as gold or bronze.

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