Fun Ways to Store Your Flip-flops at Home

Flip-flops are becoming very popular today all over the globe. This is because they are neat, casual and perfect for the everyday stroll, especially during the spring and summer seasons. But many of us have the tendency to lose our flip-flops and misplace them around the house. Worse, pets also find them good jawbreakers.

But how do you store your flip-flops? There are many fun ways to do so. In fact, you can even turn them into decorative pieces when not in use. Here are some tips that you can do to effectively keep your favorite footwear safe and sound:

1. Hang them.

Flip-flops, especially the colorful ones, are great for wall decors. If your bedroom has an empty wall space that already looks boring, then hang your slippers on this part of the room to give it more life. You can secure your slippers with hangers, which can be bought in DIY stores, or use the hooks you have at home.

2. Serve them in trays.

If your flip-flops are the more delicate kind, then you can keep them in a basket tray and store it under your bed or nightstand. By doing this, you easily get to keep your slippers in a safe area away from getting misplaced or becoming a target of pets. The good thing about baskets is that they look neat and organized, thus your flip-flops do not become nuisance in the house.

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3. Open-shelf display.

While shoes are usually stored in a rack, flip-flops can be placed in open shelves that are easy to reach. Open shelves offer a good space for display, and they as well highlight the color and style of your footwear.

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