Getting Creative with Custom Tile

The Big Question: art or wall? We have had variations of the following conversation more times than we can count:
Customer: Hello. I want to buy a tumbled stone tile wall mural. My room is gold, white, off-white and has some touches of green. I would like to get (insert art piece name here) because it has the same gold color and I want to pick up some of the green, which is in the image background and matches perfectly. Do you have any suggestions for me?

First, you need to decide if your tile mural is more of a home decor accent for a room or if it’s going to be a centerpiece, i.e., a piece of art. If it’s the former, certainly the colors in the design are going to need to be coordinated with the rest of the room. But if it’s going to be a centerpiece, a true piece of art, then toss your paint swatches and concentrate on the art itself. If it makes your heart sing every time you look at it, that’s all that matters. If it is not decorative accent tile but a true wall mural, then you might want to consider treating it as you would a painting. Art expression is one of the most important and personal ways to express yourself in your own personal space. Make sure you choose a work that gives you joy, and don’t worry about whether it clashes with your couch.

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Mural Magic
If you are considering a tile wall mural, consider some of the wonderfully creative and dynamic looks you can create for your home. For example, on our store, our header graphic shows three versions of the same art piece but in different colors. This graphic was based on a project we did for a customer who loves color and is unafraid of trying unusual ways to display it in her home. Instead of one large glass tile mural, we ended up doing three smaller ones, side by side, of the very same image but in different hues. Another possibility is separating two or three murals by dividing the same image, having it flow across the wall with breaks in between. Murals are astonishingly beautiful whether you display them traditionally or not. If you like these ideas for your home, we can take any image you choose and either divide it for you to make multiple murals, or we can selectively change the colors of the art which results in a beautiful, colorful designer look, a wonderful technique that will totally transform your room.

Marvelous Mixing and Matching
Picking up your mural image and using it for matching accent tiles is guaranteed to give the “main event,” the mural, even more impact. Be creative and have fun by using the same image, crops of the image or an adaptive pattern of the image for your matching accent tiles. Too, Color Bakery can match the artwork in your mural with furniture, serving trays, glass placemats and matching napkins, coaster sets, and other home decor accent products.

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Patterns and Motifs and Styles Oh My!
Patterns are simply wonderful for borders, backsplashes, floors, accent tiles. Patterns are especially wise choices when you don’t have a lot of space to work with, or you have a particularly narrow space (long and narrow, either horizontally or vertically). In these kind of spaces, sometimes regular art images won’t work because they need to be cropped so dramatically that the image would be compromised. Though you may know we have many original art patterns to choose from, did you know we can create them custom, just for you? Your colors, your style. In fact, we can take any image at all and turn it into a pattern. For example, let’s say you wanted an art piece for a mural, or even a serving tray. We can take that image and turn it into a matching pattern to be used for coasters, border tiles, or whatever else your imagination can dream up.

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