How to add colour to your home?

Textiles are the best way to add colour and texture to the home. Especially during the festive times, giving home a textile makeover can truly transform your space. It plays an important role and helps to change the look and feel of the space. Textile adds colour, pattern and most importantly character to the space or room. A little playing around with cushions, sheets and rugs can add interesting colour to the room as well as it is reflection of the kind of people or family using it.

Use fabrics- Using fabrics is the oldest and the best option for the home furnishing. One of the main reasons why people opt for textiles is because a variety of designs and patterns and texture are available. Plus, it also brings out emotional connect in the home. It is necessary to select the right kind of fabric, so that it is in tune with the furniture placement or other elements of the room. By doing so, you can make the room inviting and welcoming every time you enter.

Sheer- For the festive occasion, sheer can be used instead of curtains in the living room. It will give the feeling of openness and create an interesting interplay of natural light flowing into the room. This is especially beneficial in summer when windows need to be kept open and flowing sheer offer relaxing and cool ambiance. The tiebacks and cushion in the room can be matched using bright colours to add colourful accents to the room. Furnishings in different colours can be used like aqua, lime, yellow, tangerine, yellow and pink are ideal fabric for summer time. A sheen of gold and silver even embroidery can be used to suit the occasion. You could even add a dash of zari or lace to enhance it further. Regional favourite like mirror-work from Kutch or Khun from Maharashtra or even other customized designs can be used to give home an exclusive feel.

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Table runners or cushion covers- For those people who don’t want to invest too much money and still want to make their home look different, can go colourful for festivities, by adding a pair of table runners or cushion covers or few rugs that don’t go heavy on pocket.

Go eco-friendly- Textiles can go a long way to add softer and healthier feel to the room, especially with the eco-friendly variants. Banana fibre can be used in towels, sheets and pillows but ensure that the allergy causing bacteria are kept at a bay. UV-resistant curtains ensure that the rooms don’t get heated and hence reduces air conditioning costs. When it comes to textile, the ambiance change depending upon the way you drape the furnishing. So once you have made selection, style them innovatively for a maximum impact.

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