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Renovating- the word alone make us imagine messy, dust-filled rooms. Think of the kitchen renovations where the stove, fridge and dishwater have been placed in the middle of a TV room- for entertaining the guests? Even the worse bathroom renovations are where your family is forced to share a single bathroom while the work is done. Yes, renovation is a tedious job and lot of stress is involved. Renovating is challenging, and let’s face it- how often we hear of a renovation going smoothly with no expected surprises. The good news is that here we can help you to avoid some of the biggest and most costly renovating mistakes. Whether you do the work of renovation yourself or hire a professional there are some common mistakes that you come across time and again.

Let’s have a look at mistakes that people commit:

Is this renovation right for you?

Why do you wish to renovate? Take a look at the project and make sure you are doing it for right reasons. Ask yourself whether the time, effort, and expense will be worthwhile or not. Will this renovation be an ideal investment for your home, ensuring that you get return when you sell the home? If this renovation is not profitable or if it potentially detract the buyer, then you need to reconsider it- unless this is your forever home. There is a variety of renovations that add value to the home, and then there are questions that people may ask, why did they do this renovation? Do your homework and stay in touch with renovators.

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Ask yourself whether the time, effort and expense made will be worthwhile. Will this renovation be an ideal investment for your home, ensuring that you get money back when you sell? If this renovation will make your home profitable or if it is the one that will potentially detract the buyers, then you need to reconsider the decision once again.

Plan out

Sit down and thoroughly plan your budget accordingly. List all the expenses as you can think of and then review it with help of interior designer that you wish to hire, making sure that there are no other expenses than he/she can think of. The home renovation budget calculator is a nice starting point. Ensure that you can afford the financial commitments before taking up project of home renovation. If there are things that you cannot afford, then simply pick up the things wisely- opting for projects that will make your home most happiest place.

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