How to add color to your home

You can pick your favorite paint colors, choose mismatched seating and closet lightning to attain that perfect look. Here are some tips and tricks that no one will ever tell you about interior home decoration.

Pile on the pillows

One pair of pillows on another, look skimpy. So the better option is to use two pairs in contrasting patterns, textures and colours.
Go for a big bed

Small scale furniture makes the bedroom look small. So, it is better to go for a high bed and a tall headboard. Your room will look enlarged.
Go for open cabinets

An open armoire is always better than a closed one. So, let people peep into your secret world.
Add wall paper

The fastest way to add wow factor to your home is by adding wall paper. It will turn bedroom into a nice sanctuary to relax in. Windows or balcony wall areas can be given natural look with brick or stone themed wallpapers. Stripes can also be opted in a vertical manner to add height to the room or you can use it in a horizontal way to add width to the narrow room.
Children wall paper like Disney wall paper and fairy wall paper can be used. There are enough of options to choose from like calico wall paper, abc wall paper, etc.
Add wall brackets to the home

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Wall brackets have become must for the home. It brings order to a large collection or to the odd shapes. It will make the room look wow and beautiful.
Go for a rug instead of mat

It is better to use a rug instead of bath mat. Definitely a better choice! The reason why you should opt for it is because a rug can withstand more wear and tear than an occasional wet foot mat. Also, it is labelled as durable.
Don’t abide by the rules

Gone are the days, when sofa was the most crucial part of the home. Now it’s better not to have a sofa. So, this winter break the traditional rule of having a sofa in the living room. Instead go with chairs and coffee table.
White living room has become a new trend

Most of us associate white as a neutral shade, hence they don’t opt for their living room. Instead it is a myth white is an evergreen colour that you will not get tired of in a living room.

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