How to make the kitchen colorful?

While it is true that some of us are little bit colour shy, it’s never a bad idea to think about how you can add bright tones to liven up the interior. One of the most interesting and unusual places to bring home colour is the kitchen. While you may be thinking about colourful back-splash or may be even a few candy hued appliances, there is another place where you can make a big impact with a few shades- it includes your kitchen cabinets. Whether it is sleek, modern or tailored or traditional, kitchen cabinets are unexpected place to add a cool colour splash. Here are some shades for turning a dreary looking kitchen into something to remember forever.

First things first, if you are searching to spark visual interest in the home, particularly in the kitchen without giving a lot of space to colour choice, yellow is the place to start with. This sunny shade is perfect for the kitchen. In modern white space, it adds a punch of colour and add a little fashion to the function of meal preparing area, while taking the kitchen space a notch higher. What’s great about this colour is – it is cherry and beautiful. There are a few rooms that can’t be brightened up by adding smile inducing colour-yellow. Here, in this eat-in kitchen the use of colour yellow offers a clever play on contrasts. This neutral heavy gray space gives a new shot of life through bright yellow cabinetry that sits below the sink.

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Blue- The colour blue inspires the home decor. It is a shade that many home owners would like to bring in home for its cool and tranquil vibe. And when it makes its appearance in the kitchen, blue is sure to create a meaningful impact. The cabinets have to be painted in a dark, navy blue tone, thus adding sophistication to the butler pantry. Brass hardware also adds a nice touch. A perfect complement to deep, blue shade of the cabinets.

Monochrome look- Now if you are a bit colour shy, plunge a step further and embrace your favorite monochromatic kitchen. Here in the cabinets and walls have been painted in a bright turquoise colour. The entire space is enveloped with this cool shade, giving it a jewel box feel.
To design a stylish kitchen like every room in your home, look for shades with added depth to them. The emerald green shade is a luxurious addition to the kitchen cabinets. With brass hardware, the end result is a space with extremely high end to feel about it.
































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