How to add liveliness to the kitchen

Kitchen is known as the soul of the home. It is not only the area where food is cooked rather it has become a place where you can cook, eat and gossip. Moreover, in modern times kitchens come in different options like modular kitchen, open kitchen, island kitchen, etc, each having its own benefits. In this article, we are offering you tips on how to add vivacity and liveliness to the kitchen without making a hole in the pocket.

Tip 1- Create an illusion of space using windows

If the kitchen is big enough and is opening out to your green lawn, the door leading to this can be made from sheer glass to bring green plant indoors besides offering an illusion of excessive space. In the absence of such kind of opening, the windows can be made into a charming green element where metal grill on the sill of window can be incorporated with house pots and flowering plants. Alternatively, little pots of herbs can be hung from the windows to add green charm.

Tip 2- Add backsplash to the kitchen

Splash backs are a crucial part of the kitchen and it occupies quite an expanse of visible space above the counter. The backsplash itself can be converted into a stylish decorative element by adding color and charm to the kitchen. Be it in form of colors, textures, motifs, splashback can be made into an interesting design element in the kitchen.

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