How to Arrange Family Photos in the House

Family photos give life to the home, as they showcase the family members that inside it. A lot of homeowners usually put up family photos in the different parts of the house, basically for decorative purposes.

But there are times when photo frames and portraits are situated at the most inappropriate parts of the house, and instead of being displayed to visitors, they end up being hidden and covered. Thus the question arises-how exactly do you arrange photo frames and family portraits?

Below are some tips:

1. Go for a wall display. If you have a wide wall in the house, such as that in the living room, then better place your hanging photos and portraits there. Of course, the biggest frame should be the focal point of the wall space, unless otherwise you want to change the angle of the house. If you have a small interior space, you may want to position the biggest photo at the farthest part of the wall, beside it are the smaller portraits in order to achieve an illusion of growing space.

2. Arrange small photo frames on the dresser. Small photo frames meanwhile should be gathered on one place, such as the dresser, or on top of the fireplace. This is to direct the viewer to just one part of the house to look at the photos without having to roam around the whole floor area. After all, your home is not an art gallery.

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3. Avoid the walls near by the stairs. Sure, the walls near the stairs are empty, but photos are really ideal to be hung in such areas. Reserve the space for diplomas, medals and certificates instead.


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