Effective Ways to Keep the House Cool

Keeping the house cool and well ventilated is something almost every homeowner wants to achieve. It can be expensive to keep the air conditioning unit on 24/7, and the changing climate conditions only make it more difficult to maintain a cozy atmosphere inside the house.

It is actually very important to maintain proper ventilation in the home. With good air circulation, you are able to breathe freely and healthily without having to go out of the house, and at the same time you won’t feel cramped indoors. The cool vibe also helps in getting rid of the dust and disease-causing agents that usually thrive in the air.

But there are many ways to keep the home cool and well-ventilated without having to spend a lot on air conditioning and other complicated methods. All you have to look at are the factors that promote air circulation and use them to your home’s advantage.

Use the windows

The windows are the passageways of natural air. If you feel like your home is becoming too cramped and puffy to the point that you can no longer breathe properly anymore, then it’s high time to open your windows. All you need is to let the fresh air in and the dust to get out of your home.

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Open windows allow natural to enter the home. They also help in keeping an ongoing air circulation and not just recycling and reconditioning the breeze trapped inside the house. You may want to keep your windows open during mornings before you leave the house, and during afternoons toward evenings. This way, you can catch both the daytime and evening breeze that’s cool and refreshing.

You may also want to open the windows during weekends or at times that you conduct your house cleaning so that the dust could easily escape your home.

Choice of curtains

Curtains have different uses. Some are installed as decorative elements for the windows, while others have more functional purposes, such as blocking the light and air that will penetrate through the windows. You may not realize it one of the major reasons why your home feels dark and puffy is because you’re using the wrong curtains and drapes.

To create a more refreshing vibe in the home, you may want to use light fabrics, both in color and weight. Cotton and chiffon curtains let the light and air pass through easily, not like wool, which is very heavy and dark. These types of curtains also make the room brighter, as they reflect both the light and air that circulate within the interior space.

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Those who want dark bedrooms meanwhile may still use heavy curtains, but it may be better to open these up during mornings in order for the air to enter. You can close the windows and curtains later on, once you already feel refreshed.

Fans over AC units

If there’s one thing you have to realize about air conditioning units, it’s that they do not generate fresh air. Rather, they give off recycled air from the thermostat built inside their machines. Because of this, the cold air you enjoy inside the room is not healthy.

Perhaps a good alternative to an AC unit is a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans offer cooler, breezier air circulating around the house, and they are able to cover bigger spaces. Fans are ideal for living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens, as they are effective in getting rid of the hot air in the wider areas of the home, and as well as the smoke during cooking activities.

AC units are better used in bedrooms and offices, as they have smaller floor areas, which are more ideal for reconditioned cold air to build upon.

Indoor plants

Lastly, you may want to add some greens inside your home, such indoor plants. Indoor plants are not only decorative; they also help in cleaning the air inside the home. Plants thrive on carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. They are natural air cleansers, thus you will never run out of fresh oxygen to inhale while at home.

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Indoor plants may be used as centerpieces in living rooms, or as corner decorations. They can also be placed in windows to help cleanse the air that will enter the house.


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