How to brighten the look of a bathroom Contd..

  • For the toilet pan, one can go for different geometric shapes or even a decorative wall.
  • If you don’t own an automatic hand dryer, hand towels are the best way to wipe out dirty hands. Place it on a steel towel rack.
  • Nice furniture in toilet can help you to store all toiletries. Wooden ones are easy to clean. You can even create glowing effect through the use of chrome.
  • When it comes to toilet mat, go for fake grass one. Original and unusual!



Toilet Makeovers
Colors play an important role in the decor of your bathroom. So, dare to play with different shades and nuances between different toiletries. Ensure that the color of accessories match with the walls. You can even play with the stickers or themed wallpapers. Starting from the ceiling, it is best to leave it in white in order to gain brightness in the bathroom.
Finally, you can even put several interactive elements in the bathroom like magazines, Sudoku puzzles, books, or other stuff to write those amazing thoughts that comes to your mind, while attending nature’s call.



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