Colors that you need to avoid in a bedroom

There are enough of colors that you can select from for your bedroom like pink, green, blue, etc., but there are some colors that you need to avoid. Even if you are adventurous enough, then also it is better to say no to these colors. Here are some suggestions for your reference:

Bright Colors

Most people think that why not bright colors? But the answer is one should not select bright colors unless chosen in soft tone, you should avoid selecting colors that are too bright for the room like yellow, red and orange.

These warm colors add significant boost and brighten the room, which is not recommended for a space dedicated for the purpose of relaxation and comfort. Save these colors for other areas of the house.


Another color that you need to avoid is black. Fully painted black room gives a gloomy aspect to the room and it is not relaxing and comfort. In despite of it, if you are really attracted to black color then limit yourself to a single black wall for the bedroom. It will add unusual feeling to the room and make the room look original.

No doubt the colors add warmth and good feeling to the home, but it also depth to the home, so select colors that offers comfort and relaxation.

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