How to brighten up your home

Lightning is the most neglected part when it comes to interior designing or DIY home improvements. However, in this world, it is one of the most heavily used fix to make home look good, along with adding flowers on display. Home and lifestyle magazines use lighting effects to the best and this creates stupendous effect.

So, how can you use lightning at your home? Lightning should be one of the finishing touches. It is  human nature to use natural light as much as possible, and most of us do every time without even thinking, to make home light and breezy. But if you like to throw parties or want to enjoy your home in evening, natural lights won’t suffice. That is why it crucial to check lightning options, in order to maximize the effect of your home’s key features whether it day or night.


The first and foremost element is your selection of shades. A beautiful floor lamp adds style and also brings light to dim surrounding. A colour droplet from the ceiling adds sophistication and an air of elegance. A simple shade will allow other parts of the room to stand out, while the light brightens things up. Select carefully, don’t go overboard and remember don’t crowd lot of elements in a single room.

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Another factor that you need to consider is the style of lightning that you use. These days, it is so common to see interior decorators select down lights or spotlights in modern homes. The simplicity add immensely to the décor and can greatly improve the overall look of the room. Adding a bouquet of flower or a particular ornament directly beneath the spotlight will surely grab the attention of visitors who enter the room. Likewise, features like running lights along the back of vanity can take a room to the next level.


The brightness of the light can make a huge difference. In magazines, one rarely see the rooms lit up brightly. Generally, the rooms are bathed in soft light that makes everything inviting and welcoming. Check out these books and magazines, opt for soft lights.


While coloured lights often drift our thoughts to Christmas or places that are not elegant or simply neglected. Colored lights can be subtle- search for bulbs with hint of warm colors like orange to create a perfect lighting effect.


Garden lighting is one of the best ways to add elegance and make a party area stand out. But again don’t go overboard with accessories.  Focus on pool lights or under the water lights or footlights in the garden to create a magical effect.

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