How to create black and white effect in room

Monochrome reflects elegance in home décor. So, this season incorporate black and white home decoration rips. This is the season for monochrome. It’s a big fashiom. According to a certain report it is the biggest trend in home décor. The use of black, white and grey is quiet popular these days. These colors are being used as exotic graphics, cutlery and curtains. Wall art in form of charcoal sketches is being used to do up the walls. If you select black amd white it says a lot about your personality. The high contrast reveals that you are dramatic and bold personality. Here are some tips on how to décor home in monochrome color:

In prints- Stripes, squares, checkerboard, diamonds and chevron symbolize the new trend. According to the interior designers, a white coffee table along with armchairs against white lamps and black lampshades present a great contrast.

White cutlery is a new trend- A white kitchen tends to have a calming effect on the minds of individual. Dress up your kitchen in pure white along with black artwork. Striped black and white crockery looks too elegant. If you wamt to present a gift this season, black and white paisley dinner plates are fantastic.

Furniture with hint of monochrome- Furniture with monochrome prints grabs attention of the visitor instantly. If you have a stunning white couch or a sofa, allow it to be the center of attraction for your living room for a futuristic vibe. Highlight white sofa with black lampshades on the sides.

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Adding an exotic rug- A monochrome rug brings in visual energy to a room. A white sofa with soft leather cushions along with a rug brings in same combination and character in the home.



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