How to choose right carpet for your room?

When it comes to choosing home décor that is both comfortable and serene, it is important to make right choices. For some it may seem to be a minor detail, the right carpeting can go a long way in helping to create warm cocoon. With limitless options available in the market, though, it can be difficult to select carpet for the bedroom. If you are planning to hunt for new carpets, keep a few basic tips in mind, and you’ll get the best carpet that has right look and feel for the bedroom.

Tips on how to select the best carpet for your home

California-Dreams How to choose right carpet for your room?
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In this post, we have enlisted some tips on how you can select apt carpet for your home. Though it may be a bit tedious and complicated job for common people like us, but with little awareness and reading we can easily make the decision.

Tip 1-Create a budget for your carpeting requirements

beautiful-design-of-living-room-carpet-of-durable-woven-types How to choose right carpet for your room?
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The first thing that a homeowner need to think about while shopping for bedroom carpeting is its color and texture, deciding your budget is the important step in the whole process. Carpets prices vary. It generally depends upon per square footage of the room, so ensure that you measure the space adequately before going to the market. If you have a large master bedroom, you need to seek for less costly options. If your bedroom is on small side, you may be able to buy luxurious carpet, since you have to cover less area of the room. Either way, you need to have a fixed budget in mind, so that you save time and money at the store because you’ll know which carpets are the best for your home.

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Tip no 2- Think about carpet fibre

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When it comes to carpeting fibre, you can buy either natural or synthetic fibers. Wool is the best option for bedroom since it has soft and royal feel. Like a natural fiber, however tends to be an expensive option. Synthetic carpets are budget friendly, so they may be the best option for large bedroom. Nylon carperts are more expensive than synthetic carpeting as it has softer feel. Polyster carpeting is less expensive than nylon because it is non-allergic, thus making it the best choice for asthma patients. Though there are certain cons like polyester carpeting sometimes suffer from certain issues like shedding or pilling.

Pay attention to details

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In a bedroom where carpeting shold be soft and comfortable carpet it as much as possible, so selecting the right texture is important. But the right texture can give the bedroom more appealing appearance, so it is a matter of aesthethics also. For more luxurious look, select a Saxony pile carpet, which has fluffy texture. Velvet pile carpeting has soft and sumptuous feel, so it is perfect for bedroom as well. Though Saxony pile carpets has long fibers, the velvet pile carpet are dense and short, so they both offer different look for bedroom flooring.

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Select the right color carpet

carpet-for-living-room-gtb5qzso How to choose right carpet for your room?
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A neutral shade carpet like tan, brown and gray is an ideal option since it works with any wall or décor elements. But it is best to avoid carpets that are too light shade like white or beige because they can’t hide dirt or grease unlike dark carpeting.  If you have bold taste don’t be afraid to experiment. You can opt for bold-colored carpet for your bedroom. With right colored walls, carpets in blue, green or red lend visual interest to the room and add depth to the rug. A simple woolen area rug that features two or more shade can also make a plain, dreary bedroom look more interesting. But it is better to avoid extremely loud colors and busy patterns as they may look too much stimulating for the bedroom.


While selecting right carpet for your bedroom, there are various things that you need to consider. In the above-mentioned post we have explained the details about the same.

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