What carpets are best for your concrete floor?

As you see your concrete floor, there is several kinds of carpets available in the market. Rightly placed area rug can brighten up standard concrete floor. You can even lay carpet on concrete floor, whether it is a basement or ground level floor. Selecting a particular kind of carpet requires several factors like humidity level, fibre type, etc.

Enchanting-White-Dresser-and-Nightstands-near-Best-Bed-Designs-in-White-Color-beside-Square-Table-and-Floor-Cushion-on-Grey-Carpet-and-Concrete-Flooring-970x645 What carpets are best for your concrete floor?
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Tip 1- Select the right fibre for your carpet

Excellent-Paint-Colors-for-Bedroom-which-Presented-with-White-Ceiling-and-Pale-Colored-Concrete-Wall-Also-Dark-Brown-Rug-Carpet-onthe-Floor What carpets are best for your concrete floor?
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Any carpet fiber including from plush to loop can be applied on a concrete flooring. The selected fibre material type should be in synthetic form, like olefin face fibre. The man made fibre are less susceptible to moisture absorption and can be easily cleaned with help of strong chemicals for long-lasting flooring. For heavy traffic zones, like living room, basement and entertainment area, aesthetically pleasing carpet and durable carpet is the best. Carpets that absorb humidity and more prone to mold and mildew destruction.

Back of the carpet

Excellent-Paint-Colors-for-Bedroom-which-Presented-with-White-Ceiling-and-Pale-Colored-Concrete-Wall-Also-Dark-Brown-Rug-Carpet-onthe-Floor-1 What carpets are best for your concrete floor?
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The back of the carpet might be seen as negligent factor, but this section of carpet comes in direct contact with the concrete floor; if the padding is not installed properly. As a result the backing might not come in direct contact with moisture. Synthetic backing is important in the cases. Natural jute backing carpets draw in moisture and can easily destroy carpet structure. Verify the same before zeroing upon any choice. A mixed carpet synthetic and natural carpet construction can destroy the life of flooring.

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Carpet pad compatibility

modern-bedroom-design-with-exposed-concrete-wall-interior-plus-cream-fur-rug-carpet-plus-futuristic-pendant-light What carpets are best for your concrete floor?
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All carpet pads are not compatible. Many are made from porous foam. The best solution is to select a rubber pad with anti-microbial properties. The rubber will repel any moisture from the carpet while protecting the carpet. All you need to make sure is padding and carpet combination-whether it is compatible or not. Some stiff kind of padding can destroy the carpeting. An interior decorator can guide you better about the same.

Check whether it is fixed or not

beautiful-design-of-living-room-carpet-of-durable-woven-types What carpets are best for your concrete floor?
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Though the carper is held down with help of concrete with installed strips along the room’s edges, the carpet can easily move along the surface. As a result, the carpet without padding creates friction with the lower concrete surface. This friction can slowly deteriorate the back of the carpet and the entire flooring. If you don’t want to add protective padding, you should consider a carpet that is easily glued to the concrete. The adhesion between carpet and concrete will prevent friction.


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