How to clean the carpet during monsoon?

Monsoon is a pleasant weather condition marked with great humidity. It is bit tough task on how to keep home beautiful during monsoon season due to moisture and humidity. Using damp carpets and furniture can lead to fungal infections, when ignored. Here are some several ways to clean the carpet during monsoon.

Why to clean the carpet?

Cleaning of carpet is important both for your health and interior décor. Using dirty and unclean carpet spoil atmosphere of the room and leads to respiratory problems! There are various ways to clean the carpet depending upon mess created.

How to clean the carpet?

It is important to clean the carpet and to know the methods on how to clean the carpets and avoid breeding ground for germs. With little efforts and simple ideas, you can always deal with this condition. Regular cleaning of carpet prolongs the beauty and life of the carpet. Follow these quick and easy tips to take care of the carpet.

Vacuum clean the carpet– use vacuum cleaners to clean the carpet during monsoon season. Vacuum it slowly over an area back and forth and side to side in parallel rows as it removes all traces of mud from the carpet.

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Use stain remover– regular cleaning of the carper brightens up the carpet and removes the stains. Use standard spot remover available in the market. Caution: before you use any stain remover check it doesn’t discolor the carpet. It helps to prevent mold growth and add fragrance to the carpet.

Use a hard bristle brush with warm water– use hard bristle brush with warm water to clean the carpet stains. Make sure you don’t overdo it as it destroys fibers of the carpet. It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to keep the carpet during monsoon.

Use dehumidifiers and fans to clean the carpet– keep the carpet dry by using a blow dryer and keep the fan on. To avoid fungus growth from damp carpets use dehumidifiers and fans, to take out entire moisture.

Increase the level of ventilation- keep the room well ventilated for free circulation of air, as it avoids moisture locking. Inlet of sun rays kills fungus and bacteria. Eco-friendly carpets are best to maintain, especially during monsoon.

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