How to style your table?

The festive season is dawning upon us and that usually means one thing- yes lot of celebration and dinner parties. This year, make lasting impression when entertaining guests by bringing a wide range of stylish serve ware. Nitika Malhotra, founder of reputed décor and lifestyle store Just Exotique, says that it is important to give your home a facelift during the festive season, one which is unique from everyday routine. Smart serveware, whether it is a dinner party or luncheon, will help you to do that.

Trends that are hitting the market

A Use unique serve ware made from brass, copper or Kansa or silver

Shibani Jain, founder and CEO of décor store Baaya design thinks that if you use best possible serve ware, your guests will remember you for distinct aesthetic sense. She says, traditional designs are definitely in for this season. Kansa ware, brassware, black pottery or copperware is selling like hot cakes.

Malhotra and Anjori Alagh, director and merchandising head of interior décor store says that metallic serve ware is the best. Silver or silver plated serveware are always an elegant option.

B For starter dishes use ceramic plates

Starter platters with ceramic and wooden base are also trending but it is better to buy food-grade materials for safe purpose. Two or three tired stands to serve bite-sized snacks or desserts are also new trend for this season.

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C Hosting essential accessories- the dinner set

The first and foremost hosting accessories is a dinner set for at least 12 people- buy for one that is classic and simple in design, so that it doesn’t go out of style. A swirl border in gold or silver against white crockery or light floral print also looks good. Moreover, fuss free dinner set will further give you room to play with rest of the things.

D Platters- Dip Bowls and nacho plates

Platters are also an important accessory that one needs to invest in. The dip bowels and nacho plates are must. Appetizer plates with sauce bowls are always required in house when entertaining the guests. A cheese board or a plate is a great way to serve snacks. But your cutlery or serving spoon acts as the finishing touch. These accessories need to be elegant and easy to maintain. A wooden salad bowl is essential as it matches all styles and patterns of dinner set.

E Tablemats, linen

Other must have accessories include tablemats, runners, napkins and assorted table décor accessories that can bring out royal touch during parties.

Attention to detail- serve dishes in ornamental way

What will truly set your party look unique is attention to detail. Malhotra says that one should not neglect the smallest touch. Don’t serve items in everyday tray to serve starters or food items. Cover it with pretty dolly first. Ensure that the trays have a small bowl to discard used tooth picks and napkin holder.

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Another important tip: don’t use everything at once. There should be a common theme among the serve ware that you use- it should not jarringly different from each other.

Finishing Touch

A use tea light candles

Now, that you have finalized your serve ware for dinner party, add some décor elements to your startup. Jain advises arranging tea light candles on the dining table for a relaxing atmosphere.

B Flowers

Flowers are another way to add charm to the dining table. Put some wild flowers in a glass vase and place them on your serving tray or bunch them one upon each other for a sit down dinner.

Points that you need to consider:

  • Style your table with an exotic serve ware, tea lights and flowers
  • This festive season go for Kansaware, ceramic bowls, lace doilies and cutlery set
  • Snack platters and fruit picks should be elegant and easy to use
  • A fuss free serve ware allows you to play with rest of the set up
  • A wooden salad bowl complements with all kind of table mats
  • For a simple look, opt for interesting napkin holders and plates


This festive season serve up in style with above-mentioned accessories.

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