How to clean the tiles

After finishing tiling for your floor or wall, the next step is to clean the dust and residues to avoid stains which will be hard to remove later. Here’s how you can clean the newly installed tiles easily:

Things that you will need
Hydrochloric Acid
Maintenance Product or Alkaline Detergent

How to clean the tiles
Clean the adhesive mortar
The best solution to avoid any kind of stain on tiles of mortar is to clean regularly. In other words, take care of the stains, while you are laying the tiles. If it is not feasible, clean the floor once you have put everything down, but before the mortar dry. When you are laying the tiles, consider following things:

Remove excessive traces of mortar on the tiles with a damp sponge and rinse it. It is crucial to rinse the sponge to avoid traces to mortar because it is difficult to dry, once it gets dried.
Use a dry cloth over the tiles and remove the leftover and dry the floor
Don’t press the tiles till the mortar is completely dry
Remove the grout

Once you have grouted tiles, you need to clean the leftovers
Wait till the seal starts to take before cleaning the surplus
Use a damp cloth to remove the stains on the tiles. Sponge it frequently
Dry the floor with a clean cloth
Remove Marks

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In some of the cases, the white streaks also called as cement veil, appear round the joints, till they are dry. It is a blend of water and cement particles that rise to the surface. You need to clean these traces in a special way to eliminate the mixture if hydrochloric acid and water.
If you are using specific cement cleaner, then
Divide the product on the floor with the assistance of sponge
Scrub with the brush till the stains are dry
Hydrochloric Acid
If you are using a blend of hydrochloric acid, then wear safety gloves
Mix acid in this proportion:1/4 of acid and ¾ of water
Pour acid into the water and not opposite
Scrub with brush
Once the tracks are eliminated, rinse it with the help of clean water

Thus, in this way, you can clean the newly installed easily and effectively. Just keep these tips in mind to get a home that you dream

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