What kind of Patio is the best for your home?

Whether you are a fan of bohemian style, contemporary or traditional style patio, here we will let you know the best option for you. Starting from colors to furniture, with these decoration styles, you can select what is best for your home.

Commencing from Bohemian to traditional to contemporary to oriental, a range of patio styles are available under one roof. Select them according to your requirements.
Bohemian Patio– The bohemian patio celebrates freedom, free spirit and invites you to travel. Here’s a sneak peek on what kind of patio is the best for you:

Colors– To create a bohemian patio or a patio, you need to set yourself in a free spirit. Don’t be afraid to experiment or mix pattern or colors, and accumulate fancy accessories like throw pillows, lamps or random artifacts. It is the perfect time to explore the bright side. Yes, if you love bold and bright colors, then this patio is the best for you. Go for blue, turquoise, red or purple, to create a warm atmosphere. In order to create an ideal environment, go for recurring motifs or try ones echoing this particular theme like stripes and birds. The mix will remind you of the Baltic region.

Bohemian Furniture/Hardware to be incorporated in the home
When it comes to the furniture, try opting for a simple and sober approach. In case, you plan to incorporate Bohemian patio in the home add natural materials in your home like rattan, painted wood or wicker, are more preferred. Wrought Iron is another good choice to resort to. Though the bohemian decor is always associated with accumulation of things, hence it is better to go for united furniture along with simple colors. In order to lighten up overall style, instead of risking for bad taste, go for something minimal and simple.

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Bohemian Cage– One more thing that you need to incorporate in the Bohemian room is Bohemian Cage. It is the best way to accentuate the bohemian spirit in your garden or patio, consider adding cage on your lawn or add an iron birdcage. It will make the patio look lively and vivacious. The design element can also be incorporated with a robust green plant or perhaps pretty colored ribbon.

Traditional or Standard Patio– The people who don’t wish to experiment or who don’t have time to go through the little details, for them traditional patio is the best way to accentuate the home.

In order to create a traditional patio in your home splash of colors and eccentricity are not needed to have a stylish patio, even the one arranged with the taste, is the best for you. Sometimes, the simple things look much more beautiful and stylish. This kind of patio is the best for people, who don’t like to experiment with colors.

In order to create traditional patio, go for natural colors like brown, it will help you to create a classic patio. The accessories of beige or brown colors are more preferred ones; in case you are opting for classic patio. It will associate well with the kind of furniture that you have.

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In case you are opting for classic patio, then the furniture should also be traditional. For instance, stay with wood as the primary material. It is sturdy, waterproof and durable. Patio furniture made from teak wood is ideal. They are elegant, contemporary and easy to combine with materials like rattan or wicker. For instance, with it you can create warm and friendly atmosphere by blending teak table along with wicker chairs.
The main benefit of this kind of furniture is, it doesn’t requires maintenance, wood just need to be oiled once in a year without losing its sheen.

Another thing to be kept in mind is traditional parasol- For this, go with the natural colors, by adding a large, and static patio and umbrella. It will blend well with the rest of the furniture.
Contemporary Patio-Another thing to be kept in mind is contemporary patio. This patio is available in several colors like grey, black and white. This is a kind of modern patio that is soon becoming talk of the town. For those who like adding splashes of color, to brighten up the patio, then it is ideal for you. It can be done easily. In case, you are going for contemporary patio, go for bright colors like orange , yellow, or red, and complement well with the accessories.

Furniture– When it comes to buying furniture for contemporary patio, go for sleek furniture. No doubt, the main materials used in the contemporary patios include plastic and steel. The steel furniture has more beautiful effect, so don’t underestimate the cheaper alternative. It is more convenient and less expensive, plastic based furniture requires mo maintenance and is weather proof. So, now there is no need to bring your furniture indoor when the rains start.

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Last but not the least; add contemporary lamps to this patio. Traditionally, white, luminescent, flower pots are available, which support various colors and it can be easily added to your contemporary garden or patio. With or without the plant, one can enhance the effect by lining up multiple iterations of the lamp.
Oriental Patio- Oriental Patio is the best for people who like to travel and explore more. So, escape in the kingdom where you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. In order to create oriental patio, go for warm colors like red, orange, yellow, or plum, that will take you directly to North Africa. In order to create warm atmosphere, also think of decorating the patio with pillows, lanterns and candle holders.

Furniture– Moroccan furniture, wrought iron is the must have furniture for this kind of garden with oriental inspiration. But don’t forget to blend it with ceramics, wood and bronze.

Incorporate a coffee table and oriental rug. Add a wooden sofa with colorful pillows. This kind of patio will add elegance to the home.

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