How to clean your flat screen TV

Nowadays, everyone has a flat screen TV instead of box television. Whether it is a LCD or plasma TV, they need to be cleaned once in a while, as dust accumulates. Here’s how you can take care of TV, based on its technology.

What all you need?
Lens cleansing wipes
Microfiber cloth
How to clean the screen of a TV

The first thing that you must know about cleaning of flat screen TV is to avoid using pre-moistened wipes or other generic clothes that are not suited for all kinds of screen. Also, banish sheets or paper towels, as they can scratch the TV surface. Buy a suitable or dedicated cleaning kit to clean monitors or screen. These kits usually contain gel or foam along with a cloth or another useful material to clean the TV. The basic rule to clean the screen is to have it completely turned off, if not disconnected altogether. You can dampen the cloth for tough stains, but it is best to dry.
How to clean the LCD screen

In order to clean LCD screen, you need a cotton cloth, which has the benefit of not leaving any stain behind. Moisten the cloth and wipe away the screen or use microfiber cloth.

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How to clean the plasma screen

When cleaning the plasma screen, focus on tailored clothes. These screens are more prone to damage, so check specific store to find a perfect wipe for the screen. Don’t use it on other screens as it may damage them.

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