How to create a sea-side inspired bathroom?

To create a sea side inspired bathroom, it is important that the room should portray according to the environment. Here’s how you can pull off the sea side inspired look:

Colour Code

For a seaside inspired bathroom it is important that you paint the walls of the bathroom in blue and white colour. Though there are innumerable variations in shades and hues, so select them according to your preference. The easiest way to implement new colours in the bathroom is to apply paint directly on the walls. Go for more authentic matte finish. Two coats are required for a perfect finish.
You can even add tiles to the bathroom. Blue tiles above the sink and the tub are perfect and complement the white walls. Another option is to adopt wooden boards as your material. They come in different shades like white and blue. They are easy to install, edge to edge and are perfect for a sailor or boat styled bathroom. However, ensure that the wood is specifically adapted to absorb moisture like for example teak.
Metal Lightning

For the purpose of lightning, it is important to go for metal based lamps or lamps made from copper, chrome or brass, which is commonly used for the boats. It will add character to the bathroom. In case you don’t have large budget, go and buy rattan or cotton decorated sea motifs like shells, anchors, fish. There are many online stores that can help you in this.
Natural furniture in the bathroom

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Your bathroom furniture plays an important role and cannot be compromised at all. Wood,whether it is dark or light, is a great choice for the bathroom. For the purpose of durability, pay attention towards the kind of wood that you are selecting. Exotic wood, oak and mahogany are perfect options. In case you want to stay on blue and white track, the wooden furniture should be painted to reflect to reflect color of your choice. You can even do it if the need arises. Rattan and wicker furniture are suitable to create sea side effect, and it will help to keep the authentic value of the bathroom that you may want to bring it to your room. For instance, you can add storage baskets made from such materials, even a simple shelf, for polished effect.

Accessories to suit the bathroom

A duckboard made from a wooden lattice can be used as flooring along the sea. The concept of placing a duckboard in front of shower or tub is the best. Moreover, it is easy to maintain and elegant alternative to carpet.
Another accessory that is important for every bathroom is a mirror. Stick to the theme and select a model shaped window box or a wooden frame.
Let your imagination to run wild even for smaller accessories that replicates sea side inspired accessories. Go for a soap box inspired by star fish or bring out more joy from the holidays by adding souvenirs that you can hung around. You can buy a fishing net suspended to the bathroom. The key is not to do over do it.

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