How to create focal point with wall art

Have you wondered a piece of wall art and then can’t be appreciated in the room as you thought? Often times wall art can be purchased on its own, without regard how it will look in the room, or how guests will perceive when they enter the space. To make the wall art focal point of the room, consider these tips, while arranging your room, furniture before buying wall art.


Get inspiration- Art work evokes an emotion and feeling when you admire it. Hence, select an art work that you enjoy and which makes the space reflect your personality. Apart from that colors and context should compliment overall décor. Look around space for inspiration, whether it is architectural features, colors or view out of window. The artwork should make inhabitants feel part of the space, to become focal point.


No conventional artwork- Who says that focal point needs to be framed wall art? You can make wall art as your kitchen cabinets or make fish aquarium that line up your living room wall art. Instantly, these art work become the focal point of the room with help of colors, drama and obviously the live fish are artwork are the best.

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Furniture- The direction of furniture helps to create a focal point as per your desire. If you red wall art, position furniture according to it. Similarly fireplaces, window wall vistas and ascent walls can turn out to be beautiful backdrop.


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