How to create shabby chic home?

To add instant charm to the home, it is important to select right furniture and upholstery. In this article, we have offered tips on how to do easily:


To give old fabrics new look, you can bleach them. Further, vintage floral patterns mainly from roses lends shabby chic look. Soft flurry materials made from chenille is popularly used as bedspreads. To top this pillows and cushions that has roses and variety of prints with larger one for contemporary tone looks great. Pleats for chair covers, frills meant for cushions and loose cover on sofa further accentuate the look. One of the key accents in this style is the attribute of femininity and soft tones that suits the look required. Layering in the lace gives homely look. It can be used in several forms like as bedspreads, pillow covers, curtains for openings, bathtubs, beds, upholstery runners also one can incorporate chandeliers in the home. A distinct French accent can be seen in the use of Rococo style where lightning fixtures and wall detailing are toned down version baroque style.

Shabby chic indoors can be achieved by the usage of some distinct objects. It is simple to create a relaxed sensibility when the entrance consists of wooden bench with floral cushions, curved hooks overhead for keys and a range of cubby holes to keep baskets and other objects.
Lights- The living room will look unique with the help of soft light through the pearl chandelier while tarnished silver photo frames line the mantel shelf with mirror in a rococo frame.

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Furniture- Table with sport lace and crocheted runners and paisley like embroidery look great. Another accessory that can be used is to use a coverlet with ribbons on containers for decoration around the light or even as a shower curtain around the tub.

Old doors can look great when used as headboards, picture frame panels transformed into clothes rack with hangers as freestanding dividers in rooms and as age old styled screen doors overlooking the porch. Candle stands made from old wooden bed posts and stacked on a mirror or made out of an old ceiling light creates a great impact. Some objects that need to be highlighted include license plates, cane baskets, vintage suitcases and weighing scales. A ladle or an old glass doorknob affixed with a wooden panel can be used to hold candle or to hang a coat.

Some objects serve as display – licence plates, cane baskets, vintage suitcases, and weighing scales. A ladle or old glass doorknob affixed to a wood panel can be used to hold a candle or hang a coat.

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