How to decorate home in a budget?

Now, that we all know buying a home is not an easy task. We spend a lot of money to buy a dream home, but it is not easy to maintain it. But the good news is that you can ornate the interiors of the home without soaring high on the budget. Ideally, you should undertake this task yourself, plan it in a right way and decide the decor, as it would best reflect your personality and outlook. Here are some tips on how to decorate home in budget:

Think about finances

Before preparing long term plan on how to decorate it, it is quintessential to create a budget and see to it that it doesn’t exceed that amount. Mark every item and pay attention to where money is spent and where you can avoid it, not ignoring the knick knacks. If you don’t do the same, you will end up spending a lot of money and there may be cost issues.
Be realistic while preparing budget

After preparing expenditure list, verify to see whether you have added everything or not and in case if something is ignored add within the budget. If you feel that a loan is needed, go ahead and research extensively about the kind of loans available in the market and see which one will benefit you a lot in a long run. Once money matters are settled and design elements are done, start with the work.
Decorate room by room

Start with one room at a time, carefully select priority areas which need to be done up first. Which one should be done next-whether it should be living area that attracts the guests or bedroom for personal comfort? Have a detailed plan regarding theme, style, color schemes and overall look of the room.
How to decorate the walls

It is apt that you use colourful wall papers for the walls instead of paints, as you will get what you want to view in terms of design and color. Plus, it will be less fussy. One of the renowned interior designer Shilpa Gupta suggests that, ensure that the shell of the home exudes warmth and elegance. Rest remains furniture and accessories that you can keep adding or changing from time to time.
Why to go for wall paper?

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Wall papers are available in different texture and variety. Architecture and interior designer think that depending upon your budget and look that you have in mind, you can select from cork finish, fabric finish, leather finish or even wall paper comes embedded with glass beads.
It come in different design
Different design
You can either buy restrained and monochromatic wall paper or buy floral design wallpaper. Today, people are opting for colourful wall paper or wall paper with floral motifs. It makes the wall look wonderful. Delicate demasks and floral wall paper with fine lines and with muted or pastel colors makes the wall look truly wonderful and amazing.
Wall paper for child’s room

jungle-dudes-wallpaper-for-kids-room How to decorate home in a budget?
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A wide variety of wall paper can be used for child’s room like you can go for animated cartoon characters, stripes and borders, zebra styled wall paper. All these add a new look to the child’s room. Starting from Mickey Mouse to Minnie Mouse to Donald Duck to Spiderman, endless options are available for children to dwell into.
Shell is the ceiling, walls and floors. Select warm colors and stay away from neutral shades and offwhite. Add texture to the walls, as it lends character to the home. Illumination is also important as it can either make or mar a space. Start with important pieces. Rather than getting stressed out about a space not having it all set when you move in, take it as an ongoing process. As and when you find something apt as the time and budget permit, pick it up.
Decide appropriate time

One important thing is to fix an appropriate time for each room. In that way, there will be certain long term goals and short term goals, which can be achieved if work is done within that time. Try and complete the goal within a particular time frame. If you take more time for a particular job, it will eventually end up costing more amount than you estimated.
Where to store items

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Decorating and furnishing a home is a simultaneous and ongoing process that goes on for months after months even after your new apartment is constructed. After decoration and furnishing the next step is to match the decor with wall colors. The key to furnish and decorate home is to think before you buy, so that you don’t end up without space to add your belongings. Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is to how to save space and get all things done in place. After having spent a major chunk of bank balance on home, people, there are other things that you need to think up. The smart way to deal with all these issues is to buy multiple utility home products that not only offers storage and organising facilities, but also add aesthetic beauty to the home. A wide range of durable, light weight and space saving product are available. A sofa cum offers double benefit! As such a lot of storage items are available that easily blends with your home decor and don’t stick awkwardly. Some can be easily folded when not in need.
Opt for DIY home decor

The most common mistake that most people make while designing the home is being unsure of what actually they want. In this way, cost keeps on surging. The best solution in such a situation is to take help of professional interior designer. However, don’t rely on the interior designer to complete the job. Search the interior and try to do job yourself.
If a person is working on a budget, it is important to opt for DIY task, as it is the best option. Doing up interiors for any space entails changing the overall look of the room that includes three elements. It includes fixed surfaces like walls, floors and windows, fixed furniture and loose furniture. Here are some pointers that can help you to do so:
To change the look of the wall, change the paint of the room, cost which begins from as low as low as 15 per sq feet. By changing the color of the walls or the wall that faces the entrance of the home can change the look of the room completely. You can even opt for wallpaper which costs around 30-35 sq feet, depending upon your needs. For windows, you can incorporate brick or stone themed wall paper. Stripe wall paper can be opted if you wish to add height to the room or you can use in horizontal way to add width to a narrow room. Children wall paper like Disney wall paper or fairy wall paper can be used.

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Fixed furniture like wardrobes and doors in the home needs to be decorated. Decorating wardrobe or closet has become everyone’s cup of tea if one plans to change the skin of the shutter. Markets are filled with different kind of laminates and other options, You can select from different type of laminates that includes bright colored laminates or textured laminates, glass or mirror laminates. Loose furniture includes sofa and beds. You can select from different furniture options available at local furniture market depending upon your budget. Changing the upholstery of sofa can help you to avoid changing the entire sofa set thus saving a lot of money.
Accentuate the home rrightly

Interior designer suggests that accessory organisers can be added in your living room wall to make it look charming, while also serving the purpose of keeping your room small but crucial items like keys should be well arranged. Laundry bags that complements with decor of the bedroom wall can be placed in the corner of the bedroom. They will not only keep your dirty clothes at a bay, but will make your room look beautiful, much like the side table near the bed.
Follow above-mentioned deadlines and adhere to strict budget and the timeline. It will help to decorate your home within budget. And the end result is beautifully designed home at low cost.
In a nutshell, in this way you can decorate the home without making hole in pocket.

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