How to deck up your dining table for Christmas?

Do you wish to add twist to your Christmas hone decor? Well, in this post we will provide you tips on how to add colour to your home with LED candles, plant ornaments and gold cutlery.

decorating-ideas-for-christmas-christmas-dining-room-decorating-ideas-on-dining-room-with-christmas-ideas-1 How to deck up your dining table for Christmas?
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Hosting a family dinner or lunch for such intimate occasion can be a tedious task, especially if you have invited guests for hearty dinner. Whatever the case may be, add festive spirit to your home decor with beautiful table decor. Traditionally, Christmas is a festive season where whole family get together to enjoy sumptuous lunch or dinner. Food is an integral part of Christmas festival; hence one needs to focus on table decor, says creative director, Shweta Bharve,of reputed decor store Sanctum.

Add festive spirit to home

christmas-decorating-dining-room-tables-centerpieces-black-grey-white-1 How to deck up your dining table for Christmas?
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Contrary to popular belief, you can look beyond the customary hues and shades like red and green. Bring into home white and gold with silver accents. A touch of colour can be added by a way of flowers or greens instead of plastic ornaments, says Bhave Shewta Mewara, co-founder of creative director of online store adds that using white, blue, burgundy and blue shades together is a nice idea to go for. A beautiful blend of all these shades will help you to create the perfect ambience for your dinner party. If you are a traditionalist who insist on using traditional shades, Sanvar ALagh Nair founder of online store, says use bright red table cloth with green table mats and napkins, silver willow napkin rings and a pristine white dinner set. Since the party is at your home, it is better to stay true to existing home decor, so that decor doesn’t look out of place. The decorations that you select should complement with home decor style and theme. You can never go wrong with traditional Christmas home decor, yet contemporary home require more trendy look and modern update, explains Simone Arora founder of home decor store SIMONE, naturally inspired.

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Try to keep it elegant

holiday-dining-room-table-centerpieces How to deck up your dining table for Christmas?
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A dazzling centre-piece is important. Bhave gives vote to a wreath with a candle placed at the centre or a bunch of twigs placed with a vase with tiny glittery balls whereas Arora prefers to experiment with miniature Christmas trees, LED candles, fruit and cakes, cookie baskets, oranges pierced with cloves placed on platters and bowls of candy.

Use accessories

christmas-decorating-ideas-l-9370ce49e032282c How to deck up your dining table for Christmas?
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You can use different accessories like angel figurines as the centrepiece that surrounds them with help of candles. While the centrepiece should be focus of attention, don’t ignore other details that play an equally important role in set up. Use interesting table linen with creative thematic napkin rings, paper lanterns and faux snowflakes to give the table an appealing look and feel, says Arora. Since your table is already sprinkled with decoration, keep it crockery and cutlery relatively simple. Add personalized touch to home name plates if you are hosting a sit down meal. You could even use draft messages or perhaps quick tidbits about the home decoration on scroll of paper before they dig in. Not only this is a thoughtful method, it will work as a good conversation starter too. If you are planning to opt for buffet setup, Bhave says it is better to use a three tiered cake stand to display special message and small gifts with cookies shapes like a gingerbread man.

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Take a large bowl, fill it with some green leaves and add shiny Christmas balls to it. Use pinecones and colourful paper cones and twigs to add rustic touch. You can even make colourful paper cones and place them on table.

Whatever way you opt for, don’t go overboard with the accessories. The trick is to keep it simple and elegant; otherwise you will get confused, clutter and disorganized.

Tips to be remembered

charming-christmas-center-piece-ideas-fake-fireplace-hanging-decor-wooden-dining-table-white-chairs-white-door-frames-table-lamp How to deck up your dining table for Christmas?
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You can add a twist to your Christmas home decor using LED candles, plant ornaments and gold cutlery

White and gold is the best combination for this festive season

Add on table decorations include a candle holder or a festive golden frame

Add a touch of greenery by adding flowers or plants instead of cheap, plastic ornaments

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