How to décor home for Basant Pachmi?

Home Décor is all about unleashing your creativity, which is why we say Home is reflection of person residing in it. Here in India, no festival goes uncelebrated. This holds true for even birthday of our revered Goddess Saraswati, the God who showers the blessing of knowledge and art. And traditional celebrations bring them with own decorations. The fifth day of the moth of Magha marks the auspicious day of Basant Panchmi. The D day is celebrated with great pomp and pleasure in most parts of the country with most people conducting prayer in honor of Goddess, followed by kite flying activity with family and friends. It is a festival in itself and brings family and friends close. So, are you prepared to host this festival in your abode? Here are some ways to adorn your home for Basant Panchmi.


Home Décor Ideas

Tip no 1-Wind Chimes- Since ages Basant Panchami is a symbol of onset of spring, flowers, wind and everything that comes along with this season, a wind chiMe is best way to celebrate this festival. Select a design that symbolizes the festival like the one with kites, flowers or just bright shades.

Tip no 2-Brass Artifacts- these artifacts make a traditional statement in your modern home and are easily available in the Indian markets. In fact, brass is a new trend internationally as well. You can select from different artifacts that have their own value and serve dual purpose of décor and function. So, go for brass incense stick holders, lamps, pots or candle holders to decorate home for Basant Panchmi.

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Tip no 3- Opt for Decorative bells- Decorative bells are the moment. You can bring this into your home in form of traditional garland bells. In India, you can buy these from craft markets or make your own with colorful paper. If you like it, tie them with a breeze that hits them and tinkering of bell will form a great background music for your evening get together session.

Tip no 4-Opt for embellished Pooja Thali-Today, Pooja thali is available in various form like brass, silver with patterns embedded in it. This Pooja Thali can easily become a décor piece. It would be a prudent addition to your home.

Tip no 5-Embellished Pooja Thali  Since the festival requires prayer ceremony hosted in honor of the Goddess; a decor piece which doubles up as a ‘Pooja Thali’ would be a prudent addition.

Tip no 6-Candle Stands- these candle stands fit into every home décor and celebration. You can decorate home with the simplest of candles by placing them in attractive candle stands. And if the candle stands has traditional roots, there is nothing better than this. We know how placing simple bangles or diyas or lighting tea lights in splendid glasses can do miracles.

Tip no 7-Thematic Art-If your home décor doesn’t support Indian home décor, then you can bring in the spirit of Basant Panchmi in your home decoration through Thematic art. Focus on yellow shade. It will be a plus point.

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Tip no 8- add floating flowers in home-Floating flower arrangement in home can do wonders. You can add some floating candles along with the flowers as the evening sets in. Don’t forget to add two or three drops of Kewda for extra dose of fragrance.

Tip no 9- Go for wall decals-if you have crush over wall decals, then Basant Panchmi is the best occasion to buy a floral themed a wall decal. It will instantly revamp your home.

Tip no 10-Thematic Wall Décor pieces- add theme based wall piece in your home. It is simplest way to decorate home on festive occasions. Just buy something that speaks for itself like flowers, bird chirrup and other small accessories.

Tip no 11-opt for flower arrangements-the first thing that comes to our mind is wow! Take clues from nature! Incorporate some, but not in your regular pots or vase. How about adding a planter? Be creative!

Tip no 12- Add Indian textiles in home-Last but not the least; decorate your home for Basant Panchmi with Indian textiles. These textiles are beautiful and splendid. Whether it is block printed or embroidered gota work on cushions that symbolizes tradition of Rajasthan, you can’t go wrong by adding pop of color and cheer.

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So, these were inspirational Basant Panchmi ideas to decorate your home.







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