Achieving an Elegant and Refined Style in Dining Rooms

People who crave for an elegant and refined style for their dining room first need to understand their dining room well.

Homeowners need to confirm whether their dining room is informal or formal, part of living area or kitchen or a distinct room.

Is it planned around chairs and a table? The dining room has to be comfortable and inviting because people mostly prefer hanging around it and spending some extra time, post their daily meals.

Decorating the dining room might be quite infuriating, since the furniture accompanying it like the chairs, table, wall hanging and the cabinet where crockery is placed, is predetermined and routine.

Many people like to see the dining room with a casual setting that creates a peaceful dining atmosphere. Likewise, some seek a formal look for their dining room.

The tips below will help homeowners convert their routine boring style of dining room to an elegant and refined style.


1. Determine the dining room type: As seen often, a distinct room is kept for formal dining whereas an open area is reserved for informal dining, one that adjoins the family room, kitchen or living room of the house. Prior to decorating the area for dining, it is advisable homeowners first decide what formality level they wish to achieve. The decision will impact the colors chosen as well as the decor’s overall look.

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2. Turn the dining room to a formal one: This is a good idea especially if homeowners look forward to informal get-together in their dining room. Consider warm colors for the room like oranges, reds and yellows. All these colors help in stimulating the appetite and prove excellent for dining rooms, where entertainment and food is the main purpose. For perfect dining experience, homeowners may use hues, which are shaded or muted like creamy yellow or golden, burgundies, spiced oranges, wines and dusty roses.

3. Consider the opposite: Homeowners may go with the informal dining idea, where style follows the adjoining environment. Make the dining room appear as natural extension to the entire house. Create a natural dining atmosphere with yellow-toned or red-toned neutral colors. Try light brown or rosy taupes color, as they are comforting in the dining room.

4. Ensure the comfort level: Whichever dining room type the homeowners choose, formal or informal, important is to see if it is diner-friendly and comfortable. Focus on creating a space, which facilitates better dining for friends, acquaintances and family members and allows them to spend quality time during their meals and even post meals. Pad the chair seats so that it is possible to hang around easily. Consider installing dimmer switches for adjusting the level of lighting according to occasions.

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5. Try wainscoting: This is easy and can be done by self within few hours. Wainscoting adds dimension, character and depth to the dining room. Homeowners may weather it, stain it and paint it. For adding character, make use of recycled wood like the barn doors. Similarly, stain or paint it any color for adding contrast. Above all, use table lamps and curtain poles that perfectly complement the dining room.


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