How to decor walls of the home?

Colours play a vital role in perking up one’s mood and attitude. A home reflects one’s social status and life-style. Wall painting designs are inexpensive way to creatively decorate the room. There are enough of wall painting designs available in the market, which can give the room entirely new and modern look. This article provides you tips on how to decorate the room in a stylish way. Interior of the home can’t make up the statement without talking about the colour schemes. Paint is therefore a crucial facet for the wall decor. Because there are different companies that are coming up with different kind of shades and products, it is important how a layman decorate his/her own home.

If one is using metal as the main interior element, warm colours like orange, pink and yellow give the room a rich look, but importantly it can be used for larger rooms because warm colours make the room look smaller.

Selecting colour for wall painting
Wall painting design is a tedious task. Here are some ways on how to decorate it:
• Function of the room matters a lot in deciding the colour schemes; for instance go for pastels in children’s bedroom, bright and dark in one’s bedroom, as per individual tastes and requirements, neutrals are common for living room.
• One can go for neutral white and cream to get that sophisticated look.
• One should go for lighter colours and reflected surfaces for the darker rooms and vice versa.
• One should select colours that are in relation with each other for different rooms for example following a pattern or a colour scheme for the whole house.
• Hues like green, blue and violet brings serenity to the room.

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Wall painting interior- Emulsion
These paints for wall dry quickly, washable, stain resistant and durable. It gives smoother finish to the room.
Wall painting design- Interior
It is available in dry and oil bound varieties. Hence these are more popular for lower budget schemes. These are available in different finishes. They take more time to dry and are costlier than other products. These are trend breaking and break away the monotony of the flat wall and make wall a feature element of space, but it is recommended for dust free space as texture paints are trap dust easily. The finish is preferred on wooden surfaces to safeguard from scratches and satin. Transparent and opaque paints can be used to enhance the look of the wood.

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