How to add colour to your room?

Adding colour to the room is easy in the present times, all you need to paint the wall or add interest to the home by using accessories. There are enough of accessories available in the market like wall hanging, decorative items, wall clocks, chandeliers, etc. Though it is an inexpensive way of adding interest to the home, but it comes with a catch. The best way to add character in the home is by using cushion covers.
Cushion Covers adds finishing touch to interior of any home. No home decor is complete until you furnish it with the cushion covers. These covers are a great addition to the home and are an apt way to cover the cushions. They can change the interior of the home. Using colour accents for the cushion fabric adds lavish touch to the beauty of the home. You can easily create a luxurious look to the room by using embroidery covers.

What are cushion covers?

Cushion cover refers to the covers of sofas, pillows, bed, couches or any other furnishing items. These covers are available in different textures and finishes and it can transform the look of the room in a second. The covers are available in different shapes like square, rectangular, round, oval and other shapes like flowers, animals and stars. These covers can be magnified with the help of mirror work, embroidery, prints and patch work.
How they add interest to the home?

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Cushion Covers are generally made from colour that matches the mood of the furnishing. It offers a fresh look to the room. You don’t need to worry about the stains or dirt on the covers because they are washable. The cushion cover protects cushions from dust and it gives a new look to the home. It is a tough job to search the right kind of cushion cover to match up with the home decor theme. However, there are few guidelines that offers the information on cushion cover.

Select the fabric- It is important to select the right kind of fabric for the cushion. The sought after options are cotton, silk, wool, polyester, rayon, brocade, satin, velvet, net and Damask. Cotton cushion covers are apt when it comes to hygiene. It is an elegant and contemporary choice and goes well with any home decor.

Select colour and design- It is important to select the colour and design of the cover that complements with the overall look of the home. It may be of any colour option, and it is available in exciting colours. Red, black, blue, sky are general choices to select from. Buy a color that suits overall decor of the room.

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