How to decorate dreary looking home?

The best way to change the theme of the home is to think about a new one or decorate the home with help of wall paper. They come in variety of textures, shades and pattern that perk up the look and feel of any room. Here are some reasons why to select a wall paper?

It is easy to apply

The best part about the wall paper is they are easy to apply and it can be easily removed without any damage and can be used in different rooms. They save time and take only minutes to get it removed or pasted. Apart from that, it is cost effective too.
Come in several designs
The wall paper come in different designs like one can select metallic touch wall paper for living room in winter, as it add sheen to the living space. You can go for copper or gold tinted wallpaper, as these shades also add warmth to the room. If you don’t wish to spend more, apply wall paper on a single wall and add a mirror on the opposite wall, as it renders echo of the print. If your living room is small, don’t opt for dark colored wallpaper with small designs, as it makes the room look small. Select the wall paper in light shades for one wall and while on another wall select the metallic touch wall paper to impart a cosy look to the room.
Decor dos

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Before applying any kind of wallpaper, it is important to check whether the pattern is running in a right direction or not. Don’t forget about the hallway, otherwise it will make the room look dull. You can use the space as a photogallery too. In the dining area, you can opt for shades like green or orange and incorporate the paintings related to crockery and food. For prayer room, you can go for a wallpaper based on religious theme with the shades of copper or rust and gold. So, when you enter the puja room, it makes you feel relaxed, calm and easy to mediate. In the bedroom, opt for green wallpapers or golden yellow to add the warmth to the room. You can even have small print wallpaper in the bedroom and master bedroom. For child’s room, go for theme based wallpaper or zebra print.

Once you have selected theme or wallpaper for your flat, the next step is to decorate the house in a manner that everyone would be proud of. The only tools that you have are reams of textured fabric and imagination. So, this summer turn your imagination wild! When you slide the balcony doors of the apartment, the net curtains blowly in the morning breeze, letting the sunshine let in, makes us want to showcase the play of texture and colors. Here are some tips that will help you to select right fabric and make your property talk
How to select the upholstery fabric

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Select a fabric that compliments the look of the home. For example, you may buy conventional fabric if your furniture features a traditional frame.
Avoid using dark color fabric for a small room. It works well for the rooms that have a lage area. Also, the fabrics with large patterns are apt for larger room. You may select from several options like light/bright color fabrics for small rooms

– You may avoid using dark colour fabric for smaller rooms. These work well for rooms that have a larger area. Also, fabrics with large patterns work well for larger rooms. You may choose light / bright coloured fabrics for smaller rooms.
Curtain Fabric: Factors to consider

Ensure that the curtains are in sync with the overall color scheme of the decor
If you have a small room, you may go for curtain fabric that has vertical stripes on that.
Vertical striped curtains give the appearance of making a room look tall. Though, fabrics having horizontal stripes tend to make the room look wide.
If you have patterned furniture or your rug features an extensive and elaborate design, you may opt for solid curtains. Otherwise, if you have solid color furniture, try for patterned curtains.
Cushion Cover Fabric:Which is the best for you


When used with right color schemes, cushion covers have a great impact on the look of a room. If you wish to use metal furniture, try complementing it up with white, beige and cream color cushions. They go really well in terms of combination. But if you have wooden furniture, it is best to use dark colored cushions.
By exercising little care in selecting fabric and a little mix match would help you to get the desired look for your home.

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