How to block harsh sun rays?

With the temperatures soaring, are you finding your home too hot to handle? Well, the easiest way is turn on the AC,but do you know there are other ways to make your home cooler without using that? Here are some tips

The most important step is to block harsh sun rays. Draw all curtains and blinds during daytime to prevent heat and light from directly entering the room. Buy a thick, blackout curtains. It is a good investment. Don’t forget to close the window either. At windows open the windows and let the heat to flow out.

Gas and electric stoves generate lot of heat, and along with that, it heats up rest of the home. So, start using microwave or heat resistant counter-top.
Mattresses and sheets absorb a lot of heat, thus awakening you from deep sleep at night. Try to keep your bedding cool during daytime. In this case, go for silk or satin pillow cases and sheets. They are smooth and cool.
If you have a table fan, place a bottle of chilled water in front of it. The breeze will automatically become cooler.

H ow to remain icy cool during summer
Aside from cooling your home, here are some tips on how to beat the heat:
• Save your body from dehydration, sip water and fresh juices
• Soak a towel in chilled water, and apply the same on wrists, face and neck. It is a sure shot way to bring relief.
• Go for some loose-fitted, light clothes. Buy cotton dress material.

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