How to decorate home with motifs?

Commencing from Parsi gara to Mughal Zari, the desi Indian motifs are revolutionizing the interior decoration industry. In this article, we will provide you tip on how to adorn your homes, tables with these motifs.


Patterned Paisley

One cannot miss the global surge of paisley in the home decor prints. It renders classy and contemporary look to the rooms. Starting from vintage paisley rugs to buti on the curtains- these desi motifs add placid look to the room. The Moussighi’s green paisley table cloth and Robert Allen’s paisley bedcovers to Sonoma’s paisley rug, the motifs can be easily spotted on the cutlery days.

The paisley has great impact. Interior and Textile designer, the modern interpretation of the paisley is truly exciting, as it is commonly used on the napkins, cushions, curtains, lend a summery presence. The paisley,as a motif, adds up emotion that is comforting, rich and exciting.

Tie and Dye

This is a new motif that is gaining presence. The patterns are modern, fresh and vibrant in home decor- starting from West Elm’s ikat to curtains. Even the expert designers say that tie and dyes have truly a value same as Madras checks. It has an ability to change itself with the changing trends – starting from geometrical to color blocking- make it successful. Keep a lampshade in tie dye in any room and it reflects colourful light and warm ambiance.

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Zari as a motif

The Indian Zari inspires everyone in the world, who wants to give a contemporary edge to the interiors. Starting from a zari photo frame and golden zari wall hangings, to zari cushions and curtains, zari is revolutionizing in the home decor. It is being used in luxury home furnishing. It is the biggest trend that we are witnessing in the arena of home decor.

Even a paisley lamp can be added in the home. This trend is in a rage.

Parsi Gara Motif

This desi motif finds its occupancy in the living room. Starting from couches to curtains, you can adorn home with these motifs. The popular historical patterns of Parsi gara motifs are sparrows, rooster also popularly called as margha-marghi, china- chini also known as Chinese man and woman and kanda papeta (potatoes and onions). You can use it as curtains, couches, to drape the walls and ceilings for tents. These draperies that use Indian motif look royal and elegant.

Phulkari motif

It is revival of Punjabi culture. Phulkari art is gaining prominence in the interior decoration market through cushions and bed covers. Even you can incorporate Phulkari table mats with roosters at home. Other trending items are lotus pillows and ipad covers.

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