Kind of glass painting that you can add to your home decor

The art of glass painting can convert dreary looking home vibrant and lively. Today, there are enough of glass paintings available in the market to get that subtle appeal. All you need to do is to get a glass liner and let your creativity flow. Here’ how you can do it Trace a design with the glass liner and fill in the vacant spaces with specialized glass paints. Glass can be created in different ways with mixed media to get a stunning look. There are several ways of painting glass, the simple one being glass painted with a brush. Decorations in glass have been seen from large glass panes to delicate and intricate objects of beauty. Even a simple glass object can be transformed into creative glass work with a visual appeal. Its ability to allow light allows visual access. It definitely has become a revolution in the interior decoration market. Ceilings

Glass can be even used on the ceilings. You can go for curved walls in glass for the interior spaces and you can even use them on the ceiling. One can even incorporate colors in the glass to get vibrancy and liveliness. Colors can be sandblasted. However, if you add too many colors to the glass its sheen may be lost. Shiny, reflected glass balls and mirrored glass are apt ways to treat interior spaces. You can even go for optical glass that is concave or convex to make interior decoration more vibrant. Add partitions Glass partitions can be used as a partition and on cabinets. For instance, blue colored glass gives effect of glass in water. When illumination is done, it creates soothing, happy and bright ambiance that looks decent.
glass-partition2 Kind of glass painting that you can add to your home decor
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Glass Flooring Glass flooring can be used with different materials. You can use it as your flooring with a glass line that runs between the marble slabs and lights highlighting it. It can also be used as wood and metal. Glass combined with silicone works the best. Incorporate paintings in the home Colorful paintings in a subdued form can be added to the home, like wise it can feature on the glass doors. Such features can be added to the home. It is light in design and ensures that sections of the door are plain and enable visibility. Staircase Glass can also be incorporated in staircases too. You can incorporate it as a cascading water or curtain in the portico; it lends character and charm to the home. Similarly, staircase could also be made from glass with lights underneath. It would create enchanting and lively effect. Stained glass Stained glass is the best way to display creative effects in the home. This impact can be achieved by either painting the surface with metallic oxide or fusing at moderate temperature or by assembling glass pieces with lead strips.

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