How to design an industrial styled living room

The industrial styled bedroom is one of the major trends that is attracting everybody, and it is not that difficult to incorporate. Here’s what you can do to pull off industrial styled bedroom.

Industrial styled bedroom are characterized as something trend, functional and contemporary that can adapt to any sizes like loft, house or apartment. For smaller locations, walls can be coated with paint Go for simple and elegant shades like charcoal, khaki, beige, etc.

Brick walls are definite aspect of insustrial styled home decoration. If you don’t have any possible way to cover the walls, then cover it with brick like façade. It is similar like installing tiles plus they can be easily set up. But ensure that you select old shades like red or orange for the best look.

Flooring- Polished concrete flooring is must for industrial styled bedroom. Once poured, the concrete works like mechanical floats. It is during this stage that colors can be added to the wall. Concrete is then dyed. For smaller rooms, it is preferable to use PVD imitation for the flooring. It will be as simple and effective, and not much expensive. Old flooring can also be considered as an option; if you want to add warmth to the living room. Some dark wood, naturally worn or weathered will really work well.

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images-5 How to design an industrial styled living room
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