Ideas to change the look of a bathroom Contd

Add shelves– In order to inexpensively and get some practical storage, search for some hardware store. Take the necessary dimensions of the wooden sheets to make shelves. All that is left now paint it according to the bathroom colors and fix them to the walls with brackets. Once installed, you can place the bottles and small beauty products on it. It is displayed and will always been seen on hand.

Add wall decal to the bathroom– Your bathroom furniture may look gray and white, but don’t worry. There is a way to change the same and add a style to the bathroom for few dollars. The possibilities are endless. You can do it by adding stickers. There is a variety of styles, so that they fit well to your decorative needs. From pebbles to flowers to colorful patches the possibilities are endless.

Adding storage boxes- It may sound a little stupid, but sometimes adding nice looking storage options gives a fresh look to the shabby kitchen. The main reason behind that is putting everything in a way, will give kitchen a sharp and clean look. Whether you are going for a traditional aid kitchen or small boxes, select according to the bathroom accessories. It is the best way to create harmony and render the bathroom a new look.

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