How to find the best curtains for a living room?

In order to find ideal curtains for a living room, you need to consider both functionality and aesthetics. Using a curtain not only filters out light from outside, but also enhances aesthetics of the room. Decorating a living room won’t be complete unless you get the right curtain for a window. Some factors that you need to consider here are rods, design, colour, style, lightning, and layer. We will talk about this one on one.


Curtain Rods- Of course all curtains of a living room require curtain rods. No matter how wonderful your curtain is, without high quality curtain rod, it won’t hang perfectly. Usually these rods are made from steel and it comes in different designs and colour. Focus on quality to hold curtain. Don’t purchase rods because you are interested in the way it looks like design and colour. Remember, the most important factor that is strength. If you get sturdy rods along with beautiful designs, then it is the best choice.

Overall decoration of the room- The curtain is part and parcel of a living room. It should not be a stand alone element, rather it should go well with the existing decoration. Basic guide for a living room- don’t use dark and rich ornament curtain. It is better to opt for bright and simple pattern. For a large living room, you have flexibility to select the curtain.

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Select the style- Next, thing that you need to consider is to select the style that you will use. Curtains along with belt look formal. It depends upon the kind of atmosphere you want to create. Curtains with floral pattern are informal and casual. If there are innumerable windows in a living room in separated location, keep all curtains in the similar design and style. Adding more than one style is the sure shot way to destroy beauty of a room.

Layers- Some curtains come equipped with layers to make it look elegant. Layers from silk and velvet make your window decoration look expensive and luxurious. But be careful if living room is not spacious. Wrong layer choice can make living room look dark and narrow. To avoid this problem, install curtains with simple design and style.

Lightning- Another factor to consider is to adjust curtain depending upon amount of natural light that you want. In order to keep living room look bright, lighter can do it. While for a hot weather, use dark curtain to filter the light.


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