Tips on how to add warmness to living room

Living Room is an area within your home that attracts most traffic like here your guests gather, family and friends discuss about things, play interesting games or just watch TV. An ideal room should felt inviting and welcoming for everybody. Here we must relax, enjoy and be happy. Here we have presented some ideas on how to generate cosy living room to relax and rest.

Select wall decoration- Nothing is more boring than seeing a plain living room with nothing there. Warm up your living room with wall with any decorations that you love to do. Several good warm living room ideas includes Persian rug, wallpaper, stencil, wall mural, wooden toys, framed family photos, crystal vase, replica of sailboat, etc. Think out of box, explore your creative ideas.

Window treatment- To warm up your living room, use curtains, drape and rich ornament. But you need to consider about how large living room is. You have advantage if your living room is large. Nothing is more than beautiful when seeing window treatment, accepting getting in a nice decoration. For a small living room, reduce ornament richness.

Select warm colors- Nothing is more important than exploring warm living room ideas than decide what colors you will paint your wall and filter when buying any items for a living room. Incorporate colors butterfly yellow, vivid red, beige, apricot, rusty orange and cream. These colors when selected carefully for bringing warm feeling. Apply warm colors and combine with floral theme when adorning sofa and curtain.

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Furniture- It is nothing more enjoyable than sitting on comfortable furniture. Complete sofa with covered pillow. Besides hurting buttock, it is the fast way to make your guest leave your home immediately. Also, cover your sofa with soft cushion with ornamented fabric. Control texture and pattern you will select. Too much decoration will reduce beauty and spend more energy, while nothing decoration feel boring, not creative and cold.

Incorporate accessories- Don’t hesitate to incorporate your living room with flowers. The right floral arrangement with nice vase will be welcoming impression and it will bring smile on your face. If you special photo with your loved ones, don’t be shy to place it on a table. It will bring positive impression.

Lightning- Control lamps and wattage level for living room. Too bright lighting hurts eyes. It is better to install several lamps for several functions and locations. One big lamp covers all area us more of practice but not a good idea.




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