How to get rid of musty smell from wooden furniture?

Depending upon the age of furniture and kind of wood, getting rid of musty smell can be a big challenge. The best way to find out how the furniture received this smell will tell whether the process is right or not. You may have tried several methods to ensure that this remedy works. Here are 5 tips that will help you to get rid of musty smells from your wooden furniture. Be patient about your wooden furniture, it has a history that you can preserve for several years.

Tip 1- What if my wood has become porous? How can I remove stains of dehumidification?

Wood is porous by nature and therefore it will take in moisture, air, foul smell from the surroundings. If your piece of furniture has been kept in an old house attic, basement or garage floor, it is most likely that it has taken in musty smell from these. Try moving that piece of furniture in an air conditioned room of your home and incorporate it somewhere in low humidity zone. Use a dehumidifier and select the door and leave the piece of furniture there only for some hours daily. After a few days, see whether this process has helped or not?

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Tip 2- Is there any other method to remove musty smell from wood?

Another option to remove musty smell from furniture is to sand down the original finish and let the wood breathe in the fresh air for some time. Once again, leave the piece of furniture in a conditioned space so that it doesn’t absorb odour and moisture. Select a stain and refinish the wood surface with at least 2-3 coats, thus allowing the stain to fully dry between the coats. Apply a dab of paint over stained furniture to hide flaws and seal out moisture and air.

Tip 3- Is there any simple method to get rid of those stains?

Often the main culprit of that musty smelling wood is bacteria and germs that gather inside the wood. This is especially true if the wood is placed in a moisture rich environment for a long tenure. Use a wood soap product that is apt for cleaning and killing the bacteria present inside the wood. Use soap on all the corners, edges, under the handles, under side of the food to ensure that all wood is immersed in the soap. Let the furniture dry, this is the best method to remove smell.

Tip 4- Can I keep my wooden furniture under harsh sun rays?

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Yes! The premise behind keeping the furniture under sun is the best way to remove smell. The sun rays help to dry out the wood and remove musty smells. If you reside in a dry climate with little humidity, you can try this method. Keep the furniture under a covered or screened porch, and preferably not for long. If the musty smell of your wooden furniture is not severe this tip will work as well.

Tip 5- What odour fighting substances can I use to preserve my wooden furniture?

If you have a large dresser with drawers or armoire, it may be difficult to reach out to all surfaces with some of the other tips. Try placing coffee ground or charcoal in an open container inside the drawer and close. Check back the condition of wood after few days. Replenish it as required! Similar to charcoal filters, charcoal is a natural substance to reduce musty smell from the furniture. Once the smell is removed, now you can paint the furniture like new one and no one will have a clue how you got that beautiful furniture.

Last but not the least; don’t avoid buying wooden furniture from antique store because of fear of misty wood furniture. There are several ways you can acquire old wooden furniture and get rid of that musty smell. Use any of the above-mentioned 5 tips and see if the smell is abstained. Have you ever been deterred of buying furniture because of foul odour? Or did you buy it and found a way to get rid of the same? We’d love to learn from you what method worked for you.

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