How to give your home an instant facelift after marriage

Decorating a new home with the partner is the most awaited thing for you as a couple. Planning shopping for the home decoration gives a chance to spend quality time together while planning for a shining future. Although it may seem daunting at the first instance, but this activity can add lot more fun if your home decoration ideas are crazy too!

As a new couple, you are starting a brand new life, you might want to make your home look extraordinary. In case, adding Indian elements is the perfect choice. India is a diverse nation and adding diverse culture and traditions in your home can make your space look beautiful. Here we have enlisted q0 ways on how to add the classic touch to the modern space.



Before you buy upholstery, it is crucial to keep in mind the textures and color schemes that you wish to add in your space. Opt for Indian prints and patterns or embroiders in fabric. Warlic paint and paisleys are a perfect example of typical Indian prints. It is a great way to add fusion look to the room, especially if you are placing straight lined sofa sets.

Adding rugs and cushions

Rugs and cushions are the great piece of art and are well appreciated by people from around the world. So, if one decides to go contemporary with furniture, traditional rugs and cushions can further stunning touch to the room. Thus, upholstery plays an important role.

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