Wonders that natural lighting can do Contd..

Artificial lightning can decor your home


No doubt, technology has given rise to several artificial lightning technologies that can beautify your home like from eco-friendly variety to compact fluorescent and LED fixtures to innovative in floor light strip, but there is nothing that can beat natural light. This type of technology helps the home owner to show off their architectural detailing and still have wonderful experience, but natural lightning can do wonders.

Mental benefits of natural light


In majority of our homes we often forget about mental health benefits of natural light in our daily lives. Whether you enjoy the glow of the natural sunlight through glass or through blocks of the shower in every morning, open the blinds. Try walking inside the home and get rejuvenated with the natural sunlight.

Design your home according to the window placement


 If you are in a process of designing the home or you have some flexibility in arranging the furniture, remember these tips with natural sunlight. Depending upon where you reside and orientation of the home will affect how the rising and setting of the sun affect you and your family. Consider thinking about your lifestyle are you a morning riser or sleep till late. Depending upon that arrange the window treatments and furniture, while beckoning natural light straight to the home.

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Select the lightning fixtures

There are innumerable lightning fixtures in the market and home owners are lucky to have limitless options to select from. Walk through the home at different times of the day to ensure the activities that you do most in each room. Ambient lightning includes overhead lightning while task lightning comes in form of cabinet and task lightning. Ambiance lightning include chandelier lightning and wall sconces that add unique ambiance to the entry way. But in-spite of all artificial lightning, don’t forget natural lightning allows versatility to your everyday living.
Use houseplants to add natural lightning


Greenery and houseplants goes hand in hand when it comes to healthy living and letting sunlight to enter into the home. Give yourself an excuse to open window shades daily and use greenery around your home for freshness. Houseplants in the sun room or growing kitchen gardens can be perfect for growing herbs and other small plants. Small terrariums can be grown on a side table or hanging near bathroom or areas where you don’t have much space is an ideal option. The plants are a natural source to get light.

Last but not the least; natural light can instantly perk up the mood of the home and create a nest that you will love to love in.

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