How to make your home bold and beautiful?

Everyone likes bold and beautiful look, but have you ever wondered how to achieve it for your home? Well, here are some simple tips on how to add color to the home.

Play with prints and patterns– Now it’s time to play with colors and make everyday colourful and vibrant. Thinking how to do so? Well, accentuate your home with lot of silver and gold or experiment with different prints and patterns. These patterns are language in itself and let your home echo liveliness and high spirits. So, add lot of prints and patterns in form of cushion cover.

Add different curtains to the home– When it comes to interior decoration, curtains play a vital role. You can select from different fabric depending upon needs and preference. Ultimately, your home should reflect your personality and the best way to do that is to select a curtain that is a right match for traditional and contemporary design. It is the best way to facelift your home. Moreover, it is important to select the color depending upon walls and windows of the home. It will give your home a new look.

Add bright colors to the home– home looks beautiful and wonderful if you add bold colors in the home. Moreover, it sets right mood, so go for bold colored cushion covers. These covers will make your home look fashionable, vivacious, etc. The colors like red, orange, pink and yellow make great impact with contrasting prints in black and white! Floral or abstract definitely adds new look to the home.

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Select shades carefully-when you are planning to change the look of the home, there are enough of options to select from. One among them is to paint the home or add contrasting prints to the home. If you want to give your home laid back look go for neutral shades or muted color combinations. It is the best way to add versatility to the home, so select color combination that complements with over all look of the home.

Tips on how to select shades of the room:
Select shade depending upon base color used in the home. If there is too much color used in a room, you can mute down the colors by using neutral shades and go for bright with muted color combination.
Get vibrant with cushion covers- Today, enough of cushion covers and slip covers are available in the market. Also, it has become important interior decoration tool. The bright covers like purple, fuchsia, royal blue or orange when used with white creates a unique look. Curtains made from rich fabric material and bright color is the best for the home.

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