How to make summer friendly wash basins?

Summer is around the corner and most of us are spending time in coolest place of the home, which is none other than bathroom. It is a high time to create a perfect mood of redecorating the bathroom and give our shower rooms a much needed facelift. Bathroom accessories for summer inspired bathroom always look cool from the outdoors. Starting from coastal decor to nature inspired decor, there are innumerable ways to add life to the bathroom. Here are some ways on how to do so:

Add bright touch to the bathroom
Colour does make a difference. It add life and personality to the bathroom, and sets mood for the entire room. While deciding on the color scheme of the bathroom one need to think about the desired outcome that you need! Do you wish to add soft and mellow touch to the bathroom, or it should be full of energy? The colors like lime, yellow, chrome yellow, purple are considered as important colors for summer. For restroom, give walls a fresh coat of color in bright hues. This will make your morning lively and will create a focal point.

Go for different wash basin design

If you wish to give your bathroom a royal and luxury feel, then creative bathroom decor ideas will work for you. Wash basins, if smartly selected can enhance the look of the bathroom. Gone are the days, when wash basins were of right angles and flat surfaces. Now, you can add wow look to the wash basins. Starting from nature inspired wash basins to many more attractive look many wash basins have come into existence. Designers have come up with different wash basins, thanks to technological innovation. The bathroom decor has become contemporary. Now, your bathroom can look contemporary by installing stylish basins, wall hung wash basins, countertop wash basins, pedestal wash basins and much more.

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Fabric creates an impact

Don’t hesitate to change the fabric of the bathroom. With a little change, it will look much better and sorted. You can use it on windows with a set of Velcro, and also opt for curtain outside the bath tub area. Lacy white linens are inexpensive, but it looks fantastic. There are several summer prints also.
Accentuate it

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Use functional items to accentuate the bathroom. Like you can swap the wall hooks with a new one or swap to chrome or brushed silver towel bars for a new look. You can go for wicker baskets for additional storage of items. Hanger for clothes and towels can be added. Use toothbrush holders for royal look.

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