How to Perk Up Your Bathroom Space

Styling up the bathroom doesn’t always require a big budget. You may want to settle with what you currently have and bring in simple but useful additions, as long as they fit inside. It can be a bit difficult to decorate the bathroom because of its limited space, but by careful selection of the right accessories, you can actually achieve a posh bath and toilet setting within a matter of time.

But how can you start decorating your bathroom? Here are some tricks for beginners:

Elegant Vanity

The first thing you should place inside the bathroom is a vanity. It’s more like a small dresser or closet where you can place your toiletries, but it doesn’t have to be plain and dull. You may want to choose an elegant-looking vanity instead. If you have an old side table at home, then you can treat and style it up so it will look elegant inside the bathroom, especially if you’re after a vintage vibe.

Vanities are an important investment in decorating bathrooms. This is because they do not only offer mere style; they are also useful in the sense that they provide a safe storage space inside.

An Equally Elegant Mirror

You do not have to settle with the mirror you have in the bathroom. If you think it’s small and doesn’t meet your needs, then you can go ahead and replace it with a posh mirror. You can go for a bigger mirror to give a full body reflection, or have lights installed on the sides so that you can easily do your grooming in full lighting.

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Use Water Resistant Flooring

Bathroom floors are among the easiest to incur damage because they are the ones most often exposed to moist, molds and mildew. You may want to invest on using durable flooring, such as ceramic tiles with subflooring as these are warmer and more resistant to moist. If you can avoid wooden floors, then do so, or have them treated with water-resistant cover so that they will not rot easily.

Curtain vs. Sliding Door

Installing partitions between the toilet and bath area can be difficult especially when you have limited space. But here’s the thing: if you have a wider bathroom space, then you can go for a sliding door so that the bath and toilet are properly set apart. However, if you have to settle with a cramped bathroom, then a shower curtain would do.

To make the space stylish, you may want to use a shower curtain that compliments the shade of the tiles or the overall color scheme of the bathroom, so that it wouldn’t look awkward to the eyes.

Many people think that bathrooms are solely for doing the deed. But if you’re not going to style up your bathroom, it would only look dull and boring in the long run, more like a box with no life in it. The bare setting of a bathroom can affect you in many ways-you not only get depressed whenever you go inside, but also you lose the drive to clean up the space whenever it gets messy.

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