Choosing Pattern Printed Table Linens

Are you looking forward to create a more vibrant ambience in your tables? Well, regardless if you’re decorating a coffee table or a dining table, the first thing you have to choose is the kind of linen to use for cover. Table linens make a big difference on any table surface-they provide a pop of color, cover imperfections, and bring out a whole new look to the table and the room as well.

Printed table linens are a great alternative to the traditional plain mantels. However, not all of them suit your home or furniture, thus it may be helpful to know the kinds that you might encounter before actually buying them.

Bold prints and patterns

Many tablecloths come in bold prints and patterns, and are available in different colors as well. Using these linens is good for any kind of table, as they stretch and widen the surface area. If you are going to use a bold printed tablecloth, you may want to pair it with plates and dinner ware that come in solid block shades to promote an creative balance on the style.

Tropical and tribal prints

Tropical and tribal prints also tend to be bold, but they also offer a wide empty space at the center. They are usually drawn in single colors, such as green, blue or red. Some also tell a story. These linens are great for regular days, as they promote a relaxing vibe on the table and dining areas as well.

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Luxurious patterns

There are also table linens that promote luxury. These include those that come in intricate patterns and glittery embellishments. They attract a lot of attention though, and are good for long tables. They are also used mostly during parties and events, particularly those held at night.

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