How to select paint for your bedroom?

When painting a bedroom for you and your family members, there are several things that you need to remember. First of all, after a stressful day everybody wishes to feel relaxed and calm, so select a color that gives you this feeling. Secondly consider the personality of person using it, like for example red is a color that soothes their nerve and for other it is jumpy colour and for other is a bold shade, so be particular about it. Also, consider whether you are planning to resale home or what your future goals are. The color wheel will further help you to select color. If you are still confused, speak about the same to real estate agent, he will provide you best information about colors for your specific room.

Brown-interior-designs-16 How to select paint for your bedroom?
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What colors are best for your bedroom?

Here we have enlisted some colors for your bedroom.

Go for earthy tones

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Earth colors include any colors that are close to nature; however, in design terms it refers to muted shades like beige, brown, orange and yellow. Earth tones are generally used by craftsmen, bungalow and modern architecture. Light earth tones of sand or beige give false illusion of space and light. Because of their properties they appeal to large number of buyers. Needless to say, they are calm and rejuvenating.

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Go for Serene shades- like sky blue, pine

pine-bedroom-furniture-l-07bb8b01b4018379 How to select paint for your bedroom?
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Serene shades like that of blue and green are often selected for bedroom because they invoke the feeling of relaxation and serenity. Avoid using deep saturated shades of green or blue for a small bedroom, as too much colors can make small appear look cramped and dirty. Colors like sage green and sky blue are more preferred as they have more appeal than bolder choices like pine or turquoise.

Go for white shade

Elegant-White-Bedroom-Furniture How to select paint for your bedroom?
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Some people are of misconception that white shade makes a small bedroom look dreary and dull, but contrary to it , it is very useful for a small bedroom. Why so? Well, it emits light and gives a sense of space. However, a white room can look cold as turkey if not treated well. Consider off white shades like cream, ivory, light gray and pearl instead of white or consider balancing it with other shades. In all cases, white ceiling gives false illusion of space for small bedroom.


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