Kitchen designs for your home

Without doubt, kitchen is the main focal point of the home. While house hunting, people ensure that their kitchen is large enough to accommodate the daily routine cooking activities. Hence, having a big kitchen in the home is everyone’s dream. However, our bank account doesn’t allow us whatever you dream. So, in case you have moved to a new place and have compromised with the kitchen space, we are here providing you tips for a small kitchen to make the most space available to you.

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Here are some kitchen designs

Use bright shades-paint the walls of the kitchen with bright shades that can give false illusion of space. To rev up the things a little bit or give your kitchen a contemporary touch, you can use metallic, wooden or bare brick textures.

amazing-bright-kitchen-ideas Kitchen designs for your home
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Use vertical spaces-install shelves, racks and hooks to store the utensils. In this way you’ll get lot of space thus banging the clutter from the kitchen.

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Ventilated kitchen-any kitchen needs to be airy and spacious. So, crank open the windows and let the natural sunlight fall in the little space. A cramped or poorly ventilated kitchen is of no good. So, in case the kitchen has window, don’t hide behind the curtains. If your  kitchen doesn’t have window, strategically install light sources to make it look romantic and airy. The concept of glazed kitchen is popular these days.

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Don’t mess up the kitchen– you don’t require to keep all your appliances in the kitchen. Your refrigerator requires lot of space, so it is advisable to put refrigerator at a place that receives good ventilation. Appliances like dough kneader, coffee maker, blender can be stored in the cabinets and can be taken out when required.

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Use the empty spaces smartly– the area beneath the sink, where you can put daily trash can. Remember that empty cabinets where you used to keep old mugs and glasses? You can now place coffee maker there. Hang knife ser on the wall hook, instead of putting them on countertop.

excellent-bright-color-kitchen-design Kitchen designs for your home
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The trick is to utilize the space intelligently and every empty space in the kitchen to store vessels.

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