How to Use Curtains as Dividers

Curtains are not only treatments for windows and passages inside the home. They can also be used as dividers especially for houses that have bare floor spaces. If you happen to be living in a home where the floor area isn’t properly subdivided for the different rooms, then curtains may do the trick.

Using curtains as dividers are actually common in Asian homes, particularly those that are small enough to designate distinct areas for receiving guests, eating dinner or preparing food. Hence, if you live in this kind of home, using curtains can just be a good alternative to the usually bulky dividers.

When using curtains to divide the floor space, you can follow these tips:

1. Use sheer curtains and drapes. Curtains in sheer fabric are better as dividers as they are heavier and more dramatic than the usual lace or cotton types. They do not easily lose their shape and figure when hit by air, and are able to create a shade that separates one room from the other.

2. Install curtains from the ceiling going down. Try to attach the curtain on the surface of the ceiling to create a straight divide. Letting it hang in the air disrupts the continuity of the drape, thus making it an eyesore instead.

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3. Install curtains on areas with open floor space, and not those that already have doors. Curtain dividers are mostly effective when creating living rooms and dining areas, but not when trying to cover passageways to bathrooms bedrooms. Better situate curtains at the most ideal positions so that they wouldn’t be a nuisance in the long run.

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