Decorating Tables and Vanities

Coffee tables and vanities are decorative furniture pieces that usually contain ornaments and other home accessories, but many times people fail to dress them up accordingly. Because of the wrong style ideas, these flat surfaces become from for clutter and only make the home messier, instead of tidier.

But how exactly should you decorate your coffee tables and vanities? Here are some fun, quirky, and logical ideas to follow:

1. Place vanities on walls with hanging art. Vanities may be left barren, but if you want to complement the empty space, then do so by positioning the furniture near a wall with an artwork present. This way the vanity will still look glam even when there’s nothing on it, as it seems to carry the art at first glance.

2. Add collectibles. If you are a fan of collecting certain items, then you may want to showcase them on your coffee table. These items would serve as centerpieces to the tabletop, and as well be the focal point of the living room space. Of course, you should scale your collectibles and add only those that fit well with the size of the table or vanity.

3. Work with contrasting colors. You may not want to place figurines or decors that come in the same shade as your furniture, because they will only blend in and will soon become invisible to the eye. Hence, it may be better if you use accessories that come in contrasting colors, so that they will pop and attract attention when placed on the table surface.

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