Is Kitchen soul of home?

Kitchen is also called as heart of the home and we believe it to be true. Whether it is a large kitchen or a small kitchen, it is the crucial hub of the home. It is a place where meals are prepared that fuels our body, spirits, minds and souls. Some say that while life is created in bedroom, it is certainly true that it is lived in the kitchen. Some tend to agree on this note and other doesn’t. So, where do you stand?


Lifestyle Influence

Much of the importance of the kitchen depends upon sits size, family and lifestyle. In older homes, kitchens used to be small, separated and removed from other parts of the home. It was a contained space that was used exclusively for the purpose of cooking and that could be closed off to hide the mess. Family and friends used to eat together in dining and living rooms that were situated nearby the kitchen. In older rooms more importance was given to dining and living rooms. Kitchen served only utilitarian purpose and that was about it.


Now the purpose of the kitchen has solely changed where earlier they were used for a single purpose cooking, now they are been used for the purpose of living room. Kitchen was earlier meant only for cooking. We all have memories  in some cases of father, mother or both parents working on a stove tirelessly over the countertops, preparing delicious and nutritious meals that the family enjoyed and savored together.  In other cases children were told to keep a safe distance from the kitchen because it’s a mother workspace, so the mother could prepare and cook delicious meal. Children were encouraged the art of cooking during a holiday meal, thus creating memories for lifetime. Kitchens were not quiet sedate rooms, they were much more than that.  Basically, they are rooms filled with energy, aroma and texture. They were created keeping in mind a single purpose and that is why they are also called as utilitarian spaces.

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Changing Trends: Kitchen

Within the course of 20 years or so, kitchens have become a living room, where people spent more time than cooking. Newer homes are designed with kitchen as a living space and so these rooms are larger, so that they can accommodate family members and relatives.  The newer, larger and more accommodating kitchens have large tables and islands are planned for easy coming and going. The idea of kitchen as a living space is becoming more popular these days. As a result home owners are enlarging their kitchen spaces to follow the trend.


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